Writing about writing


Yep, I’m blogging about writing because it deserves to be written about. The thing is, I’ve been writing before I even knew how to spell. I even wrote before I knew how to write. If you’re a writer you’re a lucky person because you can write literally anything and you will always have that advantage over everyone else. When you’re a writer you can write in your head, you can write all the time and sometimes not even realize it, that’s the best part. You’reĀ creative. I dug up some of my writing when I was in Elementary school and it was amazing and almost disturbing. I was a twisted child, the things I wrote about were well, weird. I lived in my on world, I still live in my own world. Don’t we all though?

When you write you have the ability to not only create a new world for yourself, but a new world for others. That’s what I want to be able to do. I want to suck people in the world of my writing, and temporarily live my world with me. I want people to read my writing, and after they finish they look up and they realize they have just been transformed into a whole new world and now it’s back to reality (how boring). With all that being said, don’t push yourself to write and don’t try to hard. That’s when you lose yourself and that’s when your writing loses it’s way. Do not write if you are not 100% convinced that what you’re writing is all you. Even if it’s fiction it’s still you, right? You might make up a whole new adventure but it was your creativity that made it up. The moment you lose that creativity that it you, is the moment you should stop writing, writer’s block is the worse, huh? I’m by no means telling you how to write, if everyone told each other what to write the world would be a very boring place. Just write for you, and share it with me.