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Month: March, 2013

Spring Break Thoughts

Sometimes I want to think I am smart,

but maybe I am just a good writer,

You are a good writer you must be very smart,

You are very smart,

You must be able to translate your thoughts very well

Sometimes I want to feel free,

And sometimes I wish a restrict boundary upon me

Maybe I should fly,

But I would like someone to tell me to stay

Sometimes I just want to blindly believe,

And sometimes I just want to see

Help me believe or help me to see

Just give me a reason to believe

Sometimes I want to give up,

And I always know to keep going,

I’ll find my way just wait and see,

But until then just help me believe



Challenge To NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk In Federal Court

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A class-action suit challenging the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy got under way Monday with a lawyer saying that officers have been wrongly stopping tens of thousands of young men based solely on their race.

Darius Charney of the Center for Constitutional Rights said the policy is legal, but the department is doing stops illegally. Changes must be ordered by a federal judge to ensure the department stops wrongly targeting black and Hispanic men, he said.

He called many of the half million annual stops a “frightening and degrading experience” for “thousands if not millions” of New Yorkers over the last decade. He called them “arbitrary, unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

url=”″ size=”340px”
download=”false” name=”What Are The Arguments On Both Sides In Challenge To NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk Policy?” artist=”1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon”]

He promised plaintiffs will show the judge “powerful testimonial and statistical evidence” that New Yorkers are…

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I’ve written about “Going On” and “Love” but I really haven’t spoken about what goes in between those two topics: F*cking Breakups.  So you know how to love? So you know how to move on? Well…how do you cope with a break up exactly? I get it, you can just tell yourself that there IS someone better out there for you, or it wasn’t “meant to be” but come on, is that really helping soothe the pain anymore than you would want it to? I will not be the weirdo to tell you to embrace the pain however, I won’t say don’t embrace it. When I was writing about love I mentioned how the person will cause you insanity, hate to say it but the insanity doesn’t stop just because you broke up. Their face, their smile, their laugh, their jokes, their hugs, their kisses, will continue to taunt you until eventually you find someone else’s. EMBRACE THAT. Enjoy the fact that you can even remember all their little quirks, and take pride in the fact that they are most likely still drooling over yours as well. When you try to push yourself to get over someone, all you’re doing is inflicting insanity on yourself- stop that. Embrace it all, because breakups are a part of love and love is totally worth it.

Your friend’s are going to try and tell you how to cope with your breakup, but your friends don’t understand that everyone copes with it differently. You may want to watch chick-flicks all day, or you may want to go to the club and forget what’s his face, for one night. Either way, there will be one night where you are laying in bed with chocolate, bawling your eyes out and thinking you will never feel love for any man/woman again, and that you really have no desire to. You aren’t weird, obsessive, or depressed you are going through a break up. Now, I haven’t experienced a second love yet, but I know it will be f*cking great, and I will handle it with much more sanity.


…not every relationship is meant to last forever. And sometimes the best thing you can do is takea step back and give yourself a chance to breathe.”

“Things go on a…

“Things go on and sometimes to allow life to go on, you have to allow people to “go on” as well. There will always be suffering and pain in life, but with that suffering and pain comes brighter days and beautiful moments. Sometimes in order to let them in, you have to let go.”


I often think about death. How sweet and cruel it sounds, how close it feels. I wonder….would I be releasing myself from all the pain in the world, and inflicting pain on others? We spend our whole life waiting to die. We know from a very early point in our life that after a short life, we will die and soon be forgotten. So if we spend our whole life waiting for this one thing, why do people fear it? How do we know it is a tragedy? It could very well be a release from all the pain and suffering we may or may not deserve. I do not fear death. I fear where I may go, I fear the pain I may cause on others, but I do not fear death. I am not scared to live and I am not scared to die. I will do both with pride for those who fear them.