What’s your favorite day of the year?

by juliashingleton


What do ya think? Okay…I realize it’s only the 6th and I am already planning what I am going to wear for New Year’s Eve, I also realize it’s a little sad. But ladies, please tell me this outfit wouldn’t make you feel hot? Red lips, red heels, sequin shorts, let’s go. It’s a little early in the month for me to be blogging about this, but New Year’s Eve might be my favorite day of the year. It’s exciting, and let’s be honest, that’s what we live for. It’s the adventure and it’s the thrill, and my thrill happens to be the last say of the year. Why? Well the thrill in itself could be an answer by itself, but I will elaborate. I love New Year’s Eve because it’s the last day of the year, and after that it’s a new start. I might f*ck up everyday of the year, but this is the night it actually feels worth it. This is the night where when I wake up in the morning I know I have a whole year to make mistakes, and find the reason why I wake up in the morning, all over again. A fresh start is a beautiful concept all together, and I believe in it. I believe in second chances, and I believe in making everything right. So here’s to all the mistake makers and everyone in between, let’s brace ourselves for a crazy night and wake up in the morning and feel alive more than ever. Like the outfit?    





Sports bra-http://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/product.jsp?productId=0785_1818_100&catId=cat4130065

…..PLEASE promise to wear red lipstick with this outfit, and maybe consider some fake eyelashes if you’re feeling daring.