Speaking of that crazy side..

by juliashingleton


Hello. Above is the girl that is going to attempt to run this blog. I feel slightly cheesy already, is that the rush of running a blog? Anyway, I feel like I should do what any normal blogger would do and tell you all about myself. I am not going to do that. This blog in an experiment, to see if I really love writing like I think I do. If I succeed in letting you know who I am, it’s because you’ve gotten to know me through my writing, and for now that’s how I intend it on staying.

What you should know is that my name is Julia, and I am currently in between worlds. I am between living and reading. I am between partying, politics, and the love of my life. Which I’m sure all these things will be mentioned in more posts. I will not try to write to stay relevant to everyone, in fact if you are like me then you’re probably pretty insane and now I’m creeped out that you’re reading this. I don’t want to sound stupid and already start talking to the people that may or may not be reading this BUT if there is something you are dying to know, then message me because I think opinions and questions are beautiful, and I’m hoping you’ll learn to love mine. Will I be blogging about fashion? food? love? relationships? You tell me.